Our Universities

Floor Perfect, LLC does a variety of work at our universities, see below a little bit about what we do to serve these customers.


Kansas State University

We are proud to hold KSU Contract #40533 for carpet and installation services.  Under this contract we have negotiated pricing for Tandus-Centiva, Milliken and Interface carpet products.  We also have negotiated pricing for labor services including carpet, vinyl tile, and ceramic tile.

We do extensive work for Housing and Dining, Athletics and Facilities at both the Manhattan Campus and KSU Polytech in Salina.


Fort Hays State University

We often get to work at FHSU.  Fort Hays has a team of visionary designers and architects who have put together some of our favorite projects.

We have particularly enjoyed installing some of their logos that they have purchased recently.


Emporia State University

Our great relationships with the universities often allow us to work with our suppliers and provide materials only to our customers.  This is often the nature of our relationship with ESU.  We provide them with materials and warranty services and they procure their own installation.  We have access to a variety of contracts including E&I, NJPA and TCPN who all provide negotiated pricing structures.